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Commonsense Chiropractic Care
Dr. Lee DeBlon

How do Chiropractors help Scoliosis?

Your spine is made up of 24 bones known as vertebrae. There are seven cervical vertebrae (neck bones), twelve Thoracic vertebrae (mid-back, ribcage bones), five lumbar vertebrae (low back bones),  plus a sacrum (tailbone) and two ilium ( hip bones). When viewed from the front your spine should appear to be straight and when viewed from the side your spine should have 3 curves. Whenever there is excessive curvature the spine is said to have a scoliosis which means “crooked”.
In 85% to 90% of cases of scoliosis the cause of the scoliosis is called functional. Which means that the spine or hips have been knocked out of alignment causing the spine to react or change compensating for the misaligned sections. In 10% to 15% of the scoliosis cases the cause may be a tumor, infection, a neuromuscular disease, a birth deformity or disc problems.
One of the most common misconceptions about scoliosis is that poor posture is the major cause or that women who have scoliosis will have problems getting pregnant and carrying the baby to full term. Most people with scoliosis can lead a normal life, never even knowing that they have the condition. But in severe cases it can effect a person’s breathing and the function of their heart. It can also cause a lot of back pain from the lower back all the way up to the back of a persons skull. 
Chiropractors correct the misalignments that can cause the scoliosis or be reacting to it. With the corrective adjustive techniques the Chiropractor will realign the spine thus reducing the pressures on the spine, nerves, muscles, ligaments thus allowing the opportunity for the body to reduce and possibly correct completely the scoliosis. Any further questions call Dr. DeBlon @ Honesdale @ 253-0904 or in Lords Valley @775-6656 and make an appointment for our FREE spinal examination and consultation.