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Commonsense Chiropractic Care
Dr. Lee DeBlon

Are there current research studies that support Chiropractic Care?

Yes,… there is ongoing research happening all the time. The public doesn’t hear about it much because Chiropractic research is for the most part not federally or publicly supported. Most of the studies done ,… are done privately or through the Chiropractic colleges. So the publishing of these studies will usually only occur in Chiropractic magazines and newspapers.
From the October issue of Clinical Chiropractic there was an article that would interest the public. This article written by Daniel J. Murphy compared 3 studies on the effectiveness of  manual therapy, physical therapy and the continued care by a general practitioner for patients with NECK PAIN. For this article we will review the first of the three studies.
It was a randomized, controlled study that used 183 patients.
There was 6 weeks of manual therapy with the patient being mobilized once (1) per week,… physical therapy directed exercise twice per week, or continued care by a general practitioner.
The success rate for manual therapy was 68.3%, physical therapy 50.8% and continued care by the physician 35.9%.
The authors concluded that; (1) “Manual therapy was the favorite treatment option for patients with neck pain.”  (2) “Primary Care Physicians should consider manual therapy when treating patients with neck pain.”
The authors note that between 10% and 15% of the general population have neck pain,… and that neck pain is more common in women than in men. They also note that neck pain can be accompanied with headache, arm pain and dizziness.
The success rate @ 7 weeks was twice as high for manual therapy (68.3%) as for continued physician care group (35.9%). “Physical dysfunction, pain, and functional disability were less severe in the manual therapy group than in the continued care group and physical therapy groups”.
“ Manual therapy scored better than physical therapy on all outcome measures”. “ Range of motion improved, … general health perception showed a  significant difference in favor of manual therapy, … patients receiving manual therapy had fewer absences from work, … manual therapy and physical therapy resulted in statistically significant less analgesic use”.
This study confirms that of Koes (1992), “ that manual therapy and physical therapy are superior to continued physician care.” “In our study,the manual therapy strategy, was considered to be the MOST EFFECTIVE COMPONENT.”

Studies like this support the Chiropractic premise that improved spinal function and mobility improves one’s general health.
Chiropractic,… a drugless, natural approach to family health care, … from babies to grandparents, … everyone needs a spine free from misalignments interfering with the normal function of their bodies. Only Chiropractors correct these misalignments to restore normal bodily function. For further information, contact Dr. Lee DeBlon @ 253-0904 or 775-6656, … and ask for our FREE CONSULTATION and EXAMINATION.