Pregnancy Backpain

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Commonsense Chiropractic Care  Dr. Lee DeBlon

Can Chiropractic care help a pregnant woman’s low back pain?

Should a pregnant woman seek Chiropractic care? My answer to this question is absolutely YES!!  And it might surprise you to find out that many  MD’s recommend Chiropractic to their pregnant patients. Keeping one’s spine free from misalignment is one of the best things a pregnant women can do. If there’s one group of people who need Chiropractic check ups,…it’s pregnant women.
Without these misalignments that Chiropractors call “VERTEBRAL SUBLUXATIONS”  bodies can function better, have a higher resistance to disease, have LESS or NO  leg and lower back pain and possibly have and easier pregnancy and delivery of their child. In fact there have been a number of patients who were not getting pregnant and after their hips and lower back were adjusted “ REALIGNED”; ….their bodies were able to function better and they became pregnant.
All this is extremely important for the pregnant women who needs her body to be as healthy as possible in order to handle the pregnancy and delivery of her baby.
Chiropractic care is especially needed during the pregnancy because of the many physical  and chemical changes a women’s body goes through. Not only does her weight change, thus effecting how she stands, sits, sleeps; …but her spine becomes more flexible due to hormonal changes. These hormonal changes relax the ligaments of her pelvis “HIPS” allowing them to stretch and spread accommodating the growing baby and preparing for childbirth. If the spine is misaligned to begin with,…this spreading can greatly aggravate the lower back, legs and create other problems elsewhere in the body.
Here are some other questions we have been asked;

Is Chiropractic care safe in pregnancy? Very safe and commonsensical for both mother and child.
Is it difficult to receive a Chiropractic Adjustment?
Not at all. Our  adjustment table has a special section that allows the pregnant mom to be, to rest comfortably on her stomach without any pressure upon the baby.
How late in the pregnancy can a mom to be,…be adjusted? During the entire pregnancy, right up to delivery.
Do I have to have a problem to see the Chiropractor?
NO!…Chiropractic care should be used as a preventive approach to avoid the problems.
Can my baby receive Chiropractic care? Yes….We recommend waiting 1 month as long as there are no immediate problems following birth so mother and baby can be checked. We have adjusted babies immediately after birth when needed.
If you have any questions and want to take advantage of our FREE EXAMINATION and CONSULTATION please call our Honesdale office @ 253-0904 or in Lords Valley @ 775-6656