Lower Back and Leg Pain

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Commonsense Chiropractic Care
Dr. Lee DeBlon

What can Chiropractors do for lower back and leg pain?

Studies have shown that in most people with lower back and leg pain, there exists a misalignment with the hips. This misalignment or unbalanced hip can be the primary factor in lower back pain, sacroiliac pain and sciatic { leg } pain. Other problems can be seen from the nerves being affected by these misalignments. These problems can occur in the bladder, kidney, prostate, uterus, ovaries and lower intestines.
When your hips are uneven, your legs also become uneven causing one leg to appear longer than the other. This leg length difference is most noticeable when the legs are measured in a lying down position. Many Chiropractors use this measurement when examining their patients. Quite often more pressure is placed on the longer leg, which can affect the entire leg or the foot, ankle, knee or hip socket on that side. We explain to our patients that a sore knee or any other joint along the length of the leg can be an early indicator of the hip misalignment.
During pregnancy many women will have lower back pain. By keeping the lower back properly aligned, leg pain and lower back pain can be controlled thus producing a more comfortable pregnancy, delivery and recovery after the birth. As children grow and develop there will be many falls and injuries that can knock there hips out of alignment. To avoid many of the problems that adults experience children should have their spines and hips checked after any injury or fall. A Chiropractic spinal checkup should be part of everyone’s health care routine especially children and pregnant women. The stress of pregnancy and childbirth can cause spinal misalignments.
If you notice that your foot turns out more than the other, if your joints start making more noise than they normally do, if you have leg, knee, butt, hip or low back pain or weakness; Chiropractic care can often correct these problems.
Chiropractic is a different approach whose goal is to correct your hip and spinal misalignments removing the pressure from your nerves causing the pain and dysfunction. When the pressures are removed, the body can return to normal health. Maintaining your nervous system, maintains your overall bodily health and makes the best sense.
CONCLUSION:   Chiropractic care is proven to be a safe, drugless natural approach to health for many people. For further information call Dr. Lee DeBlon in Lords Valley @775-6656 , in Honesdale @253-0904