Headaches and Other PAINFUL PROBLEMS

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Commonsense Chiropractic Care  Dr. Lee DeBlon

What can Chiropractic do for headaches?

Many things can cause headaches; such as strong smells; intense lights; sinus trouble; high blood pressure; dental problems; ear, eye or vision problems; fevers; infections; tumors; seizures; alcohol; drugs; accidents and other causes. You can get a headache just thinking about all the things that cause them. This leads us to the most common headache of all: the muscle tension, worry or stress headache that makes up 90% of all headaches.
Headache treatment depends on what caused it. A visual problem headache can sometimes be cured by eyeglasses. An infection headache of the ears or sinuses can be cured with antibiotics. But ….most headaches are treated with painkillers, which can cover-up the pain but not correct the cause of the problem. Some people swallow these pills for years getting only temporary relief  and never improving. This is why Chiropractors are seeing headache sufferers turning to the natural, drugless approach to health.
Chiropractors are trained to locate, analyze and correct misalignments of the spine called Vertebral Subluxations.  These misalignments can cause damage to your nerves, inflame tissue, tighten and lock up muscles, weaken your body, cause fatigue and other problems to occur. Researchers have often noted the connection between the spine and many types of headaches. It was found that many headache sufferers had a history of neck injury from falls or whiplash type accidents.
From common to migraine headaches many people from children to grandparents have found relief with Chiropractic Care. If you suffer from headaches, a Chiropractic Examination is one of the best things you can do. Chiropractic is a different approach to health care and doesn’t claim to be a headache treatment and cure. The purpose of Chiropractic is to remove the stress and pressure caused by the spinal misalignments to your nerves and spine. This permits your body to restore itself and heal itself….even from headaches.
No matter what condition you may have, Chiropractic can benefit by helping your body function as best as it possibly can.
Maintaining your nervous and immune system makes the best sense and is the best approach.
CONCLUSION:    Chiropractic….proven to be safe, drugless natural way to good health for many people,….even those with many kinds of headaches. For further information call the DeBlon Chiropractic Offices in Lords Valley @ 775-6656 or in Honesdale @ 253-0904. 

Commonsense Chiropractic Care
Dr. Lee DeBlon

Question:  What problems can Chiropractic help and how often should someone see a Chiropractor??

Many people come to our offices for musculo-skeletal problems only,….BUT Chiropractic care corrects so much more than BACKACHE, NECK PAIN, ARM AND HAND PAIN OR LEG PAIN.  We help many people with ASTHMA, HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, SKIN CONDITIONS, EAR INFECTIONS, HEADACHES, INFERTILITY, MENSTRUAL PROBLEMS, ARTHRITIS, VISUAL PROBLEMS, BED WETTING PROBLEMS, NUTRITIONAL DEFICIENCIES, ALLERGIES and many other problems.
We have found that people pursue Chiropractic care for various other reasons such as; Health Enhancement, relaxation, greater life enjoyment, better sports performance, higher resistance to disease, clearer thinking, more comfortable pregnancies and more energy.
Just as someone has their teeth and vision checked periodically, so should you and your family have your spines checked during the year. It only makes sense with the active lifestyles we lead and the exposure to falls, jolts, sports injuries, shoveling snow, working in gardens and the many other things we do every day of our lives. Unfortunately most of us never have our spines checked and it shows. Many people’s spines are paying the price for a lifetime of neglect.
The goal of our offices is to CORRECT the misalignments of your spine. Chiropractors call these misalignments VERTEBRAL SUBLUXATIONS. This correction is done so your nerves, muscles, ligaments, joints, bones and internal organs may function better. The changes can be immediate or they may take some time. These changes depend on many factors such as; age, diet, lifestyle, air, food and the water we consume. Inherited weaknesses are another factor that determine how you handle every day stresses, how you exercise and relax, whether you depend on drugs and how healthy your spine is when you enter our offices.
The biggest problem that Chiropractors see is that most people wait for symptoms to appear before they do something about their health, and they wait too long before getting the corrective care they need. This approach is not the best way to handle one’s health since symptoms occur after months or years of  bodily  malfunction. This doesn’t mean it will take years in most cases to get better health again, but it means that 1 visit to the Chiropractor is not going to give health changing results either. Corrective care varies from person to person. The less one has been injured and exposed  to damaging environmental factors, the easier they are to help and get the changes and results they desire. Usually the younger one is the quicker they respond,… but as I tell my patients all the time;… I see 20 year olds acting like 90 year olds and I also see 90 year olds still running circles around the younger ones.
To recommend the same cookie cutter approach to every patient doesn’t make sense to me. At the DeBlon Chiropractic Offices we care for the patients the way we want to be cared for. Our patients receive a Commonsense, No-Nonsense approach to their health care. Not only for themselves but their families and friends. We explain the care needed to correct the misalignments and teach our patients what signs to look for when further care is needed. I think that you would agree that a healthy spine is absolutely essential for optimal health and performance.
Our minimal recommendations for yearly Chiropractic Care, once corrective care is completed is once every 3-6 months {2-4 times per year}. Remember,…there are no spare parts for your spine and nervous system, ….so maintaining them is the best approach. Our methods include Chiropractic Adjustive Techniques and Nutritional counseling.
CONCLUSION: CHIROPRACTIC…..Proven to be a safe, drugless natural way to good health for millions of people.
For further information call the DeBlon Chiropractic Offices in Lords Valley, Pike County @ 775-6656 and in Honesdale, Wayne County @253-0904.