New Gentle Adjusting Instruments

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Commonsense Chiropractic Care

Dr. Lee DeBlon


From time to time I reprint some interesting articles from research I receive. This article will be about some interesting changes in Chiropractic Treatments (techniques) that I expierenced personally.

Most people understand that Chiropractors push on the body to make changes that will help their specific problems go away. This is the most basic explanation of what Chiropractors do. Chiropractors do much more than push, pull, yank or crack patient’s necks, backs, hips, knees, shoulders, wrists and feet. The primary goal for most Chiropractors is to make specific adjustments (corrections) to the areas of a patients  structure to remove interference  (blockages)  to the nervous system; thus allowing the body to function as close to 100% as possible and heal itself.

They can do this with their hands and with instruments. A lot of patients are familiar with the activator type instruments. These instruments allow the Chiropractor to make very specific adjustments without twisting  the patient’s neck or other areas of the body that the patient might be concerned about. These instruments can deliver about one adjustive force every 1-2 seconds depending on how long the Doctor’s hand can hold out. Whether the Doctor uses his hands only or uses instrumentation or both;  the ultimate desire of the Chiropractor is to stimulate the neural receptors which affect the areas of problem and relay crucial information to the patient’s brain. The brain depends on this neurological  information and evaluates the changes started by the adjustment. The brain now will start coordinating the muscular system and other systems to bring about the healing changes.

Recently, new ways of making these healing changes have been developed. Two of these instruments were brought to my attention at the beginning of March 2004. There is not enough space in my weekly article to discuss the changes I saw in Doctors at the seminar and what I personally experienced. But what I can do is explain a little about both and why I find them extremely beneficial to myself and the patient’s I serve.
The first is called the  ARTHROSTIM INSTRUMENT  and is one of the most EFFECTIVE and COMFORTABLE tools for adjusting patient’s and effecting the changes they need to receive. This instrument delivers 12-14  thrusts  (forces) per second. This allows me or any other doctor using this equipment to give to the patient an EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE AND HIGHLY EFFECTIVE ADJUSTMENT. The secret to the instruments effectiveness comes from it’s controlled repetitive adjustments. By using controlled incremental adjustments the ARTROSTIM INSTRUMENT is able to stimulate the nerves without activating UNDESIRABLE PAIN RECEPTORS. This allows the Doctor to manage comfortably; a wider range of conditions.

The second instrument that we have introduced to our offices is called the VIBROCUSSOR percussion instrument. Percussion is a NEW treatment for those who suffer from musculoskeletal pain and myofascial syndromes. The benefits from this instrument are believed to increase blood and lymphatic circulation, and a decrease in systemic nervous tension and general or local muscle spasm. The VibraCussor  can reduce or eliminate myofascial and musculoskeletal pain thus reducing  the need for pain medication and greatly improving the ability for the patient to participate in activities of NORMAL DAILY LIVING.

Individuals that may especially benefit from the use of this equipment are  * infants and young children, * individuals in acute (extreme) pain, * sensitive people,* people who do not like being “ cracked”, * and elderly patients. So if you have any questions about this new equipment call Denise or I at either of our offices @ 253-0904 or 775-6656. We have offered a FREE CONSULTATION and EXAMINATION for the past 21 years. YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE BUT YOUR PAIN AND PROBLEMS.