Chiropractic VS Allopathic Care for Kids

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                  Tuesday, December 02, 2008 

                        Chiropractic VS Allopathic Care for Kids

                        Written by Dan Murphy, D.C., D.A.B.C.O.
                        TAC, Research Review , Volume 30, Issue 11


                        KEY POINTS FROM DR. DAN MURPHY
                        1. There is a "definite correlation between chiropractic
                        care and superior health."
                        2. 94% of medical children are vaccinated while only 25%
                        of chiropractic children are vaccinated (from abstract).

                        3. 69% of the chiropractic children have never had
                        otitis media [middle ear infection], while only 20% of
                        the medical children never had otitis media.
                        4. Chiropractors contend that chiropractic care improves
                        the quality of life, stimulates the immune system, and
                        confers superior health.
                        5. Allopathic health care is primarily disease
                        treatment. Chiropractic healthcare is primarily
                        6. 91% of the chiropractic children started chiropractic
                        care by age 1.
                        7. "95% of the chiropractors considered that
                        chiropractic had a positive effect on their children’s
                        8. "This study has shown that children raised under
                        chiropractic care are less prone to infectious processes
                        such as otitis medial and tonsillitis, and that their
                        immune systems are better able to cope with allergens
                        such as pollen, weeds, grasses, etc., as compared to
                        children raised under allopathic care."
                        9. There is a significant decreased history of
                        antibiotic use among the chiropractic children,
                        "indicating a lower susceptibility to bacterial
                        infections as a result of greater immune system
                        10. The chiropractors responded that the "recovery
                        period from any trauma or illness by their children was
                        more rapid than that of their children’s peers."
                        11. Non-immunized chiropractic children who came down
                        with those childhood diseases seemed to have minor
                        diseases that were not incapacitating. "The hypothesis
                        that chiropractic care maintains the immune system is
                        supported by the observation that, even though the
                        children did have the disease, their lifestyles were not
                        affected and the recovery periods were short."
                        12. Comments from medical pediatricians indicate that a
                        number of them believe that, essentially, all children
                        suffer from otitis media and that all children have at
                        least one course of prescribed antibiotics. "These are
                        fallacies propagated within allopathic medicine, as
                        demonstrated by this study."
                        13. "This study has shown that there is validity in the
                        premise that chiropractic has a positive effect on the
                        health status of individuals."
                        14. The results of this study confirm the benefits of
                        the chiropractic model of health care on the health
                        status of children.
                        Dr. Dan Murphy graduated magna cum laude from Western
                        States Chiropractic College in 1978. He received
                        Diplomat status in Chiropractic Orthopedics in 1986.
                        Since 1982, Dr. Murphy has served part-time as
                        undergraduate faculty at Life Chiropractic College West,
                        currently teaching classes to seniors in the management
                        of spinal disorders. He has taught more than 2000
                        postgraduate continuing education seminars. Dr. Murphy
                        is a contributing author to both editions of the book
                        Motor Vehicle Collision Injuries and to the book
                        Pediatric Chiropractic. Hundreds of detailed Article
                        Reviews, pertinent to chiropractors and their patients,
                        are available at Dr. Murphy’s web page,