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Commonsense Chiropractic Care
Dr. Lee DeBlon

I’ve heard that Chiropractic Care can eliminate bed wetting.

By one estimate 5-7 million children in the United States have this condition. It is expected that infants have no bladder control at night, but it generally becomes a problem when the child over 5 has bladder control during the day and no control at night. Age 5 is the time when most children have control both day and night.
About 15% of the five year old wet their beds, as do 7% of 8 year olds and 3% of 12 year olds. By age 18 it is almost non-existent for girls and a problem for 1% of boys. It can exist and persist for some into adulthood.
For decades parents have told Chiropractors that soon after Chiropractic care was started for their children, their bed wetting stopped or was improved
The Chiropractic approach to health care is quite different from any other approach. It’s a full body approach; making sure that your child’s spine is free from misalignment causing nerve blockage and stress to the entire body including the bladder. When this stress and blockage is corrected and removed the body can function once again at its fullest potential. The bed wetting will usually stay controlled until the spine misaligns again. With active children this can be expected but parents will see these episodes controlled with regular Chiropractic care. So one can see that no matter what problems one might be having you can benefit from spinal corrections called “spinal adjustments”.  If you have any questions please call either of our offices in Honesdale @ 253-0904 or in Lords Valley @ 775-6656.